Horse Salt Licks


* 100% Natural

Himalayan Salt Licks are 100% Natural, Free from Chemicals! They are unbaked,                 unprocessed, no preservatives added.

* No Holder is Required

Our Licking-Salt Block comes on a rope!

No metal wire frame to mount, bending nails, smashing fingers. Your horse can not knock it to the floor where it will get dirty! (And even if he does somehow do that, just scrub it off and re-use)

* Block is Too Hard to Bite

Our Salt Licks are mined salt crystals, this means they are literally rock hard. Your horse can not bite or eat it, only lick it.

* Contains Essential Minerals for a healthy horse

Each salt lick contain over 80 essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and potassium.


Your horse will love the taste and you will love the health benefits our salt licks provide.









Available units: 1